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Atlantis to support VMware for faster, cheaper virtualised desktops

o Allan Swann
15.05.2014 kl 12:42 | ARN

Atlantis Computing claims its new converged solution with VMware will see its ILIO software platform produce high quality environments faster and cheaper.


Software defined storage vendor, Atlantis Computing, has announced its ILIO software platform now supports VMware Horizon 6 and Virtual SAN, which it claims means its virtualised environments will 'outperform the desktop performance of a Macbook Air, while reducing the cost per virtual desktop to less than a PC.'

"VMware is delivering a unified platform for desktop and application virtualisation that leverages the power and flexibility of the software-defined data centre," Atlantis' president and CEO, Bernard Harguindeguy, said.

"VMware Horizon 6, VMware Virtual SAN and Atlantis ILIO enable customers to build high performance VDI architectures that deliver incredible user experience at very low cost through the use of off-the-shelf storage and server components."

Atlantis claims the combination of Atlantis ILIO and VMware Virtual SAN will deliver a converged platform which enables customers to create high performance systems using off the shelf networking, servers, and direct-attached storage, such as RAM, Flash, SSD, SAS, and SATA, to create an optimised and integrated storage and compute platform.

The ILIO software platform utilises In-Memory Storage to boost Virtual SAN performance, which means it can support more virtual desktops, with fewer disks.

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The company boasts that its context-aware IO processing technology, as well as its inline de-duplication, compression, and other optimisation services will reduce the amount of underlying storage required to support virtual machines.

Atlantis claims ILIO with Virtual SAN benchmarks will increase performance by five times, while reducing capacity by up to 90 per cent.

The flexibility of the combined VMware and Atlantis solution also allows for deployments at scale using only blade servers and provides the ability to pool and share any SAN or NAS array with VMware Virtual SAN.

"VMware extends the power of virtualisation, from datacentres to devices, to deliver adaptive user experiences on-demand with closed-loop manageability and hybrid Cloud flexibility," said VMware's vice president of marketing, end user computing, Erik Frieberg.

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"VMware Horizon, Virtual SAN and Atlantis ILIO offer a unique solution that is an example of a new generation of desktop virtualisation architecture that can deliver higher ROI and greater deployment flexibility through software-defined storage."

Atlantis operates 580,000 virtual machines around the world, including clients such as JP Morgan Chas, Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft and University Hospitals of Leicester.

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