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Rogue Amoeba Software - Apple App Store is broken

o Nick Spence
16.11.2009 kl 14:41 |

Rogue Amoeba Software have used a company blog to hit out at Apple over the iTunes App Store approval process.


Rogue Amoeba Software, makers of quality audio software for Mac OS X, have used a company blog to hit out at Apple over the iTunes App Store approval process.

Announcing that Airfoil Speakers Touch 1.0.1 was finally shipping, Rogue Amoeba's Paul Kafasis expressed his despair that it took nearly four months for a simple bug fix to be approved.

"There's a bigger story here, however. It's one that's been told before, but until things change, it needs to keep being told. Simply put, the App Store is broken," Kafasis lamented.

The update was rejected not once, but three times by Apple, first citing use of 'Apple Logo and Apple-owned Graphic Symbols,' and then copyright issues with use of Apple images.

"In mid-October, he called again, saying that there was nothing for it. In order to ship our update, we had to stop showing both the computer images and Apple's app icons. It didn't matter that Apple provided us with code expressly to enable us to show these, nor that the same functionality had been previously approved. We'd reached the end of the road - if we wanted to ship this update, we had to remove the functionality."

Airfoil, lets users send any audio from your Mac or PC out to the AirPort Express, Apple TV, other computers, and with Airfoil Speakers Touch, to your iPhone or iPod touch.

While awaiting approval Rogue Amoeba could do little about the buggy version of the application still available on the iTunes App Store.

"Worst of all, however, Apple left 1.0.0 in the store, a buggy version being downloaded hundreds of times per day. The exact same "infringing behavior" could be found in 1.0.0, and they weren't taking that down. As such, the only thing Apple's process was doing was preventing a needed bug-fix from reaching the hands of our mutual customers," Kafasis said.

Rogue Amoeba has no plans to develop any further iPhone and iPod applications due to what the company calls "months of slow replies, delays, and dithering by Apple."

Kafasis ends his blog on a sombre note: "In the future, we hope that developers will be allowed to ship software without needing Apple's approval at all, the same way we do on Mac OS X. We hope the App Store will get better, review times will be shorter, reviews will be more intelligent, and that we can all focus on making great software. Right now, however, the platform is a mess."

"The chorus of disenchanted developers is growing and we're adding our voices as well. Rogue Amoeba no longer has any plans for additional iPhone applications, and updates to our existing iPhone applications will likely be rare. The iPhone platform had great promise, but that promise is not enough, so we're focusing on the Mac."

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Airfoil Speakers Touch is free and requires the iPhone 2.2 Software Update.

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