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Game Center launches today

o AJ Glasser
08.09.2010 kl 20:23 | GamePro (online)

Seems like all we'd seen of Game Center came from an Apple event held earlier this month where Epic Games demoed Project Sword -- but now we can get our hands on Game Center for ourselves via the iOS 4.1 update.


Downloading the 4.1 update should automatically plant Game Center on your home screen. Users then have to login with their Apple ID and create a nickname to share with friends (for multiplayer purposes). From there, it's not unlike Xbox Live what with the friends-list-creating and leaderboards.

We're not exactly sure how Game Center can help with the discovery problem most games suffer from in the App Store, but at the very least, it's a dedicated hub for users to navigate just for games.

Note that the iOS 4.1 update only works on iPhone 3GS and beyond and iPod Touch 2nd Generation and beyond. Find out more on Apple's official Game Center site.

Source:Apple launches Game Center social hub for iPhone with 4.1 update [VentureBeat]

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