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Opera makes final version of Opera 11 available

o Carrie-Ann Skinner
16.12.2010 kl 13:33 | PC Advisor (UK)

Opera has unveiled the final version of its latest web browser, Opera 11.


Opera has unveiled the final version of its latest web browser, Opera 11.

The full version follows the release of the beta in November this year. Not only does the web browser benefit from a footprint that's 30 percent smaller than the previous browser, Opera 10.6, it also includes a new feature. Tab Stacking lets users drag one tab on top of another to create a stack grouped by site theme. Furthermore, when users open pages from the same site, Opera 11 will automatically create a stack.

Mouse gestures can be used to control the browser. By simply moving the mouse, a user can navigate back and forwards through web pages as well as open new pages and even close tabs, while Opera 11 also supports extensions that ensure users can personalise the browser and enhance its functions. Extensions can be downloaded from Opera's extensions gallery. Furthermore, plug-ins can be set to load on demand, which Opera says will improve performance of the browser by up to 30 percent.

Opera 11 also features a clear badge in the address bar, which indicates the security level of the website you're browsing and offers immediate, one-click access to security and trust information about the site.

"We have always worked hard to introduce new and bold ideas in web browsing," said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera.

"But sometimes we want to take an idea and improve upon it. Opera 11 adds a layer of polish to features people have known and loved for more than a decade, while introducing extensions. If you have never tried Opera before, Opera 11 will change everything you know about browsing."

Opera 11 can be downloaded now for Windows, Mac and Linux from Opera's website.

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