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10 inspiring quotes: Michael Wolff and AKQA's Ajaz Ahmed and Ian Wharton on creativity

o Ashleigh Allsopp
29.05.2014 kl 13:33 | Digital Arts Magazine

The 10 best quotes from the Creativity in Conversation: Youthful Thinking discussion at the Apple Store last night.


Last night saw an inspiring panel discussion about youthful thinking - the ability to come up with and execute groundbreaking ideas in creative projects without constraining yourself to 'the ways things are'.

Taking place at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London in front of a packed audience, the event brought together a panel of creative heavyweights (above left-to-right from left): CEO and founder of digital agency AKQA Ajaz Ahmed, design icon Michael Wolff and AKQA creative director Ian Wharton - whose new book Spark for the Fire was the reason for debate. The panel was moderated by the editor of Digital Arts, Neil Bennett (above, far right).

Video of the full panel discussion was recorded by Apple for its Apple Store podcast, which should be online by the weekend - but here's the 10 best snippets of what was said.

"What people want is what they can't imagine."

-- Michael Wolff

"Creativity to me is to have an unpoliced mind. I'm acutely aware that I police my creativity far more than I did when I was 16."

-- Ian Wharton

"The [correct] result of an experiment is not a success or a failure - it's whether you're going to learn something from it."

-- Ajaz Ahmed

"[Creatives] are not governed by laws. We're effectively governed by stories. We're duty bound to pass on those stories."

-- Ian Wharton

"I will pursue something until the end of time if I think I'm right. Sometimes you have to accept you're not."

-- Michael Wolff

"People take everything so seriously. You create your best work when you're enjoying it."

-- Ajaz Ahmed

"The failure that we have to appreciate tiny acts every day is what tones down our passion."

-- Michael Wolff

"Spend as much time as possible around people that are far smarter than you are."

-- Neil Bennett

"Too many creatives want to wait their turn - do it now. Waste as little time as possible making things you don't want to be known for."

-- Ian Wharton

"If you have curiosity that never stops - that makes you wonder - you can share that with people."

-- Michael Wolff

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