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Dimension Data to quadruple datacentre business to US$4 billion

o Brian Karlovsky
24.04.2014 kl 12:35 | ARN

Dimension Data is set to quadruple the size of its datacentre business to US$4 billion in the next five years.


Dimension Data is set to quadruple the size of its datacentre business to US$4 billion in the next five years.

Dimension Data group executive for the datacentre business, Steve Joubert said Cloud, virtualisation 3.0 and software-defined-everything had changed the datacentre landscape forever.

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The Group's existing US$1 billion datacentre business has a significant presence in all major regions.

But according to a company statement, it's now looking to aggressively grow and scale these businesses both organically and through acquisition.

In addition, Dimension Data believes its access to a significant set of datacentre assets across its parent company, the NTT Group, differentiates the business. Joubert said there was an urgent need, for all businesses in all regions, to undergo the transformation process needed to not only achieve better datacentre performance and manage disruptive technologies but also to become progressively greener, in terms of environmental custodianship. "Although all our markets are targeting exponential growth, our analysis shows there'll be higher rates of growth in mature regions such as Europe and North America, given the legacy datacentre investments in those geographies that require transformation," he said.

"For many organisations, the most cost effective way of navigating the future will be through IT-as-a-Service, managed services, and outsourcing."

Dimension Data operates 12 public cloud locations around the world and further locations are coming online in the coming year. According to a company statement, it offers its clients benefits of its membership of the NTT Group.

NTT is the world's second largest provider of datacentre space, with some 243 secure datacentres globally.

Dimension Data also has access to NTT Data's application and workload capabilities in industrial-strength solutions and services.

"New workloads, users, connected devices, and locations are compounding the pressure on the datacentre and our clients are asking for help in dealing with all of this in a way that helps their data centre become a true 'business response centre', capable of being agile and speedy when the business needs it to be," Joubert said. "Getting there requires an integrated approach in the secure delivery of workloads and applications across the traditional datacentre, Cloud and the enterprise network, all of which make up the next-generation datacentre."

"This calls for a level and range of capabilities that the average organisation doesn't have and shouldn't need to build or acquire when all the considerable benefits of cloud, networking, security, and systems integration experience as well as economies of scale and a global footprint are available through Dimension Data." "This, coupled with our investment in people, process, and management capabilities focused on managing the next-generation data centre, gives us a massive advantage in the market," Joubert said.

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