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Xero looks overseas for developers

o Sathya Mithra Ashok
29.05.2014 kl 00:51 | Computerworld New Zealand

Kiwi firm Xero is planning on adding at least 160 new developers to its Wellington and Auckland offices next year.


Kiwi firm Xero is planning on adding at least 160 new developers to its Wellington and Auckland offices next year.

However, not all of them may be hired locally.

Working in partnership with Grow Wellington and IT recruiter 920 Career Agents, Xero is targeting skilled IT professionals in the UK with offers of relocation packages for successful candidates.

Xero Product Manager Andrew Tokeley says that whilst Xero is committed to growing talent at home, filling more senior roles locally has meant looking further afield.

"We've brought on 10 graduates in the past year through programmes like Summer of Tech and our own graduate programme and all are proving very valuable additions to the business.

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"However, finding enough experienced IT professionals locally has been a harder task, which is why we're pushing the boat out globally.

"New Zealand has so much to offer, which we hope will make our job of recruiting people from overseas that little bit easier," said Tokeley.

He stressed that despite its recruitment drive abroad, Xero is still keen to hear from skilled New Zealand-based IT professionals.

"Xero offers some excellent opportunities for Kiwis wanting to really boost their IT careers. The scale at which we're working and the amount of data we're processing presents a fascinating engineering challenge -- there simply aren't many opportunities locally to work on a product of this magnitude.

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"Working with Xero also presents some great opportunities to take your skills further abroad, with development teams also located in the US and Australia."

Xero has grown significantly within the last financial year, from 382 employees globally to 758 at April 2013. The company has active recruitment drives for its Melbourne, Canberra, San Francisco and New York locations, as well as here in New Zealand.

Those interested in roles at Xero can get more details here.

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