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Facebook iPad app 'to be unveiled at iPhone 5 launch'

o Ben Camm-Jones
27.09.2011 kl 16:04 | Macworld U.K.

Two of the most eagerly-awaited announcements in the tech world - the iPhone 5 and Facebook for iPad - could happen together, it has been claimed.


Two of the most eagerly-awaited announcements in the tech world could happen together, it has been claimed.

While there is plenty of evidence that Apple is planning to announce the iPhone 5 at its headquarters a week today - despite the lack of press invites for the moment - we could also see the Facebook for iPad app on the same day, Mashable reports.

Mashable cites sources familiar with the situation and reckons that it is a dead cert that the Facebook for iPad app will launch alongside the next-generation iPhone.

Facebook for iPad has been talked about for a long while, and a version of it leaked out back in July.

Opinion: Four reasons Facebook needs an iPad app

Facebook and Apple have had a rollercoaster of a relationship in recent months, but as the report points out, the two companies compliment each other very well - Facebook's strength is its social platform, something that Apple doesn't have, while Apple can offer Facebook its mobile platform.

While Twitter was integrated into iOS 5, Facebook wasn't, even though it was believed that it would be. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, has also claimed that the iPad wasn't mobile and that Facebook wasn't interested in creating an iPad-specific app. Facebook's iOS app is compatible with iPhone and iPad but the iPad-specific version that leaked appeared to show a left-side navigation bar that looks to utilise the larger screen to make navigation much easier.

iPhone 5: Launching soon, will be delayed, not coming at all

Meanwhile, we're expecting the iPhone 5 announcement - or perhaps the iPhone 4S announcement, or even both - to happen at Apple's Cupertino campus on Tuesday 4 October.

While we're as eager as the next man to see the Facebook for iPad app - and the new iPhone, for that matter - it seems unlikely that Apple would want Facebook to steal any its thunder - after all, the next-generation iPhone, iOS 5 and iCloud will all be competing for column inches.

On the other hand, though, it'd be a great "just one more thing" for new CEO Tim Cook to reveal, and make his first iPhone keynote a truly memorable one.

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