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CIOs look to services-led strategies: Logicalis

o Nermin Bajric
29.01.2014 kl 13:46 | Reseller News Online

Managed services provider, Logicalis, argues that CIOs must take on a more strategic role within their organisation or risk being pushed aside by line of business managers.


Managed services provider (MSP), Logicalis, argues that chief information officers (CIOs) must take on a more strategic role within their organisation or risk being pushed aside by line of business managers.

The claim comes on the back of a survey of 186 CIOs and IT directors from mid-market organisations in 24 countries across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific (APAC). It indicates that of the 72 per cent of CIOs who expressed a view, 60 per cent agree that line of business managers will become more prominent in IT decision making over the next three years.

Logicalis attributes the trend to the growing availability of externally-available Cloud services and expectations of technology and application consumerisation.

The survey also found that about 73 per cent of respondents want to spend at least half of their time on strategic activities, although 53 per cent claim to currently spend 70 per cent or more of their time on day-to-day management of technology.

"IT leadership is now actively looking to drive a services-led transformation strategy to realign from a technology-defined function to one that is services-defined," Logicalis Australia managed services director, Daniel Sultana, said.

"But CIOs are not only looking to transform their IT systems. We interpret these common themes as CIOs striving to change the way IT is perceived by the wider organisation."

"Creating a service-defined enterprise in which IT and line of business are working towards shared priorities is now a crucial mandate for the CIOs we surveyed. It seems clear that CIOs will now focus their teams on delivering an IT experience comparable with external services providers, and will also engage with services partners to assist them in achieving the service maturity and agility necessary to compete for internal business in the coming years."

Other findings within the study indicate 63 per cent of CIOs see streamlining and optimising technology infrastructure as vital to freeing up time to focus on strategic goals, with 31 per cent stating they would consolidate the use of manage services, selecting single vendor to manage specific technologies and services.

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