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Exclusive video: Reinventing Ogilvy & Mather for today's connected world

o Computerworld staff
28.05.2014 kl 14:10 | Computerworld (US)

Today's always-connected culture has wrought huge changes at global advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather. John Seifert, chairman of global brand community, talks about how the firm approached this, especially in the aftermath of the economy's financial meltdown.


John Seifert, chairman of global brand community at the worldwide advertising firm of Ogilvy & Mather, spoke at the Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference about the pervasive changes that today's always-connected culture has brought.

For one thing, Ogilvy's C-suite of top managers works differently than in the past, as a more integrated team. The company realized "it's not just about the individual," but also had to figure out "what we are trying to do collectively for the greater good of the organization," Seifert said. It had to ask: "Do we have the right staff, do they have the right skills?"

Along the way, pretty much everything about the business has changed, from how the firm measures and optimizes success to the globalization of technology. It's one thing to standardize and connect pockets of technology in major industrialized countries, said Yuri Aguiar, CIO. "But as you go into the smaller markets -- Colombia, Hong Kong -- it all has to work with the same consistency. Actually making it happen is an extremely difficult task."

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