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Hitachi launches Continous Cloud Infrastructure

o Brian Karlovsky
23.04.2014 kl 12:46 | ARN

Hitachi Data Systems has entered the race to the software-defined datacentre with the launch of Continous Cloud Infrastructure.


Hitachi has entered the race to the software-defined datacentre with the launch of Continous Cloud Infrastructure.

It is hoped this new technology will lay the foundation that will drive IT efficiency through a responsive, software-rich architecture that can quickly react to changing needs without continual redesign and disruption.

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The company has released the Hitachi Storage Virtualisation Operating System (SVOS), Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 (VSP G1000), a new version of the Hitachi Command Suite management platform and significant enhancements to its Hitachi Unified Compute Platform converged computing offerings.

Hitachi chief operating officer, Brian Householder, said these technologies would provide the foundation of an IT infrastructure that could adapt to continuously changing business needs, without disruption. "Our customers across industries have told us that to keep up with the frenetic pace of business they are aligning the IT and business functions more closely than ever," he said.

"In order to execute in this business defined world, IT teams are looking to new infrastructure strategies to deploy more continuous, adaptable and scalable infrastructure.

"Businesses need solutions that don't require constant and disruptive changes to the technology they support. And that is what we are delivering today." According to a company statement, the Hitachi Storage Virtualisation Operating System is the first stand-alone software implementation of Hitachi storage virtualisation.

This new storage operating system provides a common software architecture that will double the useful life of hardware architectures, span the breadth of the HDS infrastructure portfolio and enhance and amplify the benefits of server virtualisation.

SVOS customers will have a future-ready path to the software-defined datacentre without the complicated layers required by competitive offerings, according to a company statement. Features include flash optimisation, advanced storage virtualisation, automated tiering, non-disruptive data migration and a new native global active device feature that will provide multi-system and multi-datacenter active-active capabilities without the need for an appliance. It is also introducing the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000, the first available system on which customers can natively deploy SVOS.

The system can start small and scale block-storage throughput performance of well over 3M IOPS, over 48GB/sec of usable bandwidth, and NFS ops/sec performance of over 1.2M in unified configurations. The VSP G1000 helps companies deploy a single platform for all data, by growing to seamlessly accommodate a wide variety of customer needs.

It has a virtualisation controller without internal capacity and a unified storage system with up to 8-node Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) clusters

NTT chief operating officer, Yoshimasa Hashimoto, said VSP G1000 extended the standard, set by the virtual storage platform to incorporate multi-system architectures to support all workloads with one platform.

These new technologies come to market with integration across virtualisation platforms, databases and a variety of clustering and operating systems platforms, and can be quickly adopted to support a variety of workloads.

In particular, collaboration with strategic partners such as Microsoft, SAP and VMware enables SVOS and the VSP G1000 to be certified in key initiatives like Microsoft Private Cloud deployments, SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration and VMware Software-Defined Data Center technology.

VMware vice-president, global strategic alliances, Sanjay Katyal, said he was pleased to work with HDS to enable the value of the software-defined-enterprise.

"HDS UCP with VMware vSphere(R) provides customers with a reliable and efficient enterprise converged infrastructure solution."

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