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Corel Painter Freestyle offers Kinect-style painting by making gestures in the air

o Digital Arts staff
01.03.2013 kl 19:22 | Digital Arts Magazine

Based on the Leap Motion Controller device – which is like a Microsoft Kinect for your laptop or desktop – it will be available for download as a free beta.


A new version of Corel Painter gives you the chance to paint artworks by making strokes in the air using your fingers or a 'brush'.

Corel Painter Freestyle is based on the Leap Motion Controller device - which is like a Microsoft Kinect for your laptop or desktop - and will be available for download as a free beta from May 13, the same day as the Controller ships in the US for $79.99 (around £53, though UK availability hasn't been confirmed).

Watch the video to see the Corel Painter Freestyle beta in action.

Painter Freestyle lets you paint with your fingers and control basic tasks such as selecting brushes, media and key commands through gestures. The beta version offers only a subset of the features of the full version of Corel Painter - with brushes including graffiti, airbrush, sargent, oil, chalk, ink or fractal. Artists can work with multiple paper textures including wood grain, pebble board or fine dots.

Gestural controls include creating multiple strokes using up to 10 fingers, controlling brush and color selection and brush resizing with motion gestures. Artists can also use non-reflective objects such as chopsticks to mimic brushes for finer control.

From comments by Corel staff, it appears Painter Freestyle is more of a tech demo than a usable product for creating artworks - but the company plans to see how it is taken up and used before developing it further.

"We're eager to see how this new technology will evolve the digital and performance art world,"s aid Andy Church, senior product manager for Corel Painter. "By introducing a beta version of Painter Freestyle, we're able to listen to hobbyists, professionals and new artists, which will help us create an optimal user experience for our full line of art software."

Leap Motion's Controller allows you uses hand motions to control a PC or laptop user interface or some other device. The company's technology is very open-ended and extensible, making it most useful for further customization by software makers. Leap Motion recently announced a big deal with Asus to integrate the technology - and got $30 million in new venture financing.

Corel Painter Freestyle follows other interesting recent technologies that aim to use gestures to help creativity - including systems from Canon and using Sony's PS4 that let you view and manipulate 3D models using your hands. Corel itself added a more limited - but possibly more practical - form of gestural control to Painter with support for Wacom's multi-touch Cintiq 24HD Touch tablet in Corel Painter 12.2.

Painter Freestyle will be shown first during the South by Southwest (SXSW) show in Austin, Texas from March 9-11.

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