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Remains of the Day: Appy New Year

o Dan Moren
14.01.2011 kl 00:41 |

"App's one baaaad mother--"


"App's one baaaad mother--" "Shut your mouth!" "I'm just talkin' 'bout apps!"

Wikipedia's founder has some choice words for the App Store model, linguists jump on the app bandwagon (appwagon?), and FireWire hits a milestone. The remainders for Thursday, January 13, 2010 can dig it.

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales: App stores a clear and present danger (Tech.Blorge)

Wikipedia founder Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales says that the app store model is a threat to Internet freedom--even more so than concerns about net neutrality. Wales called the app store model a "chokepoint." The sentiment was later edited to the less biased "bottleneck" by an anonymous user from Duluth.

Linguists vote 'app' Word of the Year (Associated Press)

Speaking of apps, the word "app" was accorded 2010's Word of the Year last week by the American Dialect Society. "App" narrowly beat out "nom" for the award, virtually ensuring that our language will be incomprehensible within the next ten years.

FireWire hits 2 billion ports, still far behind USB (CNet)

There are two billion FireWire ports in the world--that's roughly one for every three people on the planet. FireWire ports for everyone! Sadly, it still lags behind the 10 billion USB ports in the world, one of which is now installed in every child upon birth.

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