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Location-based feature coming in iOS 4.3?

o Ben Camm-Jones
13.01.2011 kl 14:33 | Macworld U.K.

Keeping tabs on the whereabouts of your friends through MobileMe could be possible in the final release of iOS 4.3, a report claims.


A new function spotted in the beta of iOS 4.3 released to developers this week suggests that Apple could be about to add location-based services similar to Google Latitude to iOS devices.

According to Mac Rumours, a feature called 'Find my friends' is contained within a string for the Settings app and links to MobileMe.

MobileMe already offers iPhone, iPad and iPod touch customers the ability to track the location of their handset through the portal with the Find My iPhone function, so it seems a logical step to introduce a service that lets you keep tabs on the whereabouts of friends' iOS devices too.

Steve Jobs did say last month that there would be improvements made to MobileMe in 2011, though the Find my friends function is unlikely to be anything other than opt-in, given the privacy row that has engulfed other location-based services such as Facebook Places.

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