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Electronic Arts, Namco hype Apple tablet to gamers

o Nick Spence
27.01.2010 kl 14:40 |

Electronic Arts, Namco and other leading games developers are already seeing the potential in Apple's tablet, expected to be unveiled tomorrow in San Francisco.


Video gaming giants Electronic Arts and Namco have praised the potential of Apple's forthcoming tablet expected to be unveiled tomorrow.

The device is likely to be launched on Wednesday 27th January at a special event to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. According to Bloomberg, Electronic Arts and Namco are both already considering titles for the yet unnamed tablet.

"If it's got a great screen, some buttons, you can turn it on and it connects to the Internet, it's got the ability to be a games machine," Peter Moore, president of sports games at Electronic Arts, the second-largest game publisher, told Bloomberg.

"I'm having fun thinking about all the wonderful things we can do with the device when it's announced," added Jon Kromrey, general manager of the Apple games group at Namco, who until recently had some insider knowledge, having worked as a designer for Apple.

Electronic Arts and Namco are already keen iPhone developers, having produced some of the best selling and highly praised games for iPhone and iPod touch including SimCity, FIFA 10, Monopoly, Scrabble, Pac-Man and Ridge Racer Accelerated.

Apple's likely tablet has an opportunity to take players from the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 according to Simon Jeffery, chief publishing officer for Ngmoco, a maker of several popular iPhone and iPod touch games, as the device is likely to be played in homes. However Apple needs to avoid a simple port of existing iTunes App Store games. "The game play needs to be more satisfactory and engaging," Jeffery insisted.

Smaller iPhone developers including Tapulous, the company behind games that have been downloaded 20 million times from the iTunes App Store, also reacted enthusiastically to Apple's new device.

"The centre of gravity in gaming is moving away from the console to these other devices," Bart Decrem, chief executive officer of Tapulous insisted. "We're going to wake up a year from now and see that this is a very important part of gaming."

San Francisco based analytics firm Flurry claimed earlier this week to have identified approximately 50 devices in use, which they insist match the characteristics of the Apple tablet, with games dominating those 200 or so applications noted by the company being used on the devices.

Flurry also noted the Apple hardware detected running the devices was a yet to be released OS 3.2. Software Update, which could mean good news for existing iPhone developers and potential gamers attracted to the tablet's larger screen.

"From the testing we observed, it appears that Apple wants to leverage the 130,000+ applications already available in the App Store on day one for the new device. For the developer, this is good news," Flurry said in a blog post.

(Apple is expected to announce a tablet-style computer, plus updates to its operating systems and software range at its 27 Jan "Come See Our Latest Creation" event, taking place this Wednesday at 6pm GMT from the Yerba Buene Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Macworld UK is teaming up with its US counterparts for a live feed direct from the event. Click here to access our live feed, bookmark the page and we'll see you at 6pm on Wed.)

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