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Printers to be next big thing: Samsung

o Patrick Budmar
27.05.2014 kl 12:46 | ARN

Samsung expects its printing division to drive the company's growth over the next decade.


Samsung expects its printing division to drive the company's growth over the next decade.

Printing solutions sales and marketing team vice president, Hyesung Ha, said the technology vendor is committed to making printers the "next growth engine" for Samsung.

"From smartphones to TVs, printing is included in our 2020 vision of taking the company from today's predominantly B2C-centric approach and increasing the B2B portion," she said.

Already one of the largest technology vendors in the world, Samsung has further ambitions of growing its revenue and Ha said print is positioned as the "spearhead."

While printing currently occupies only a small role within Samsung, Ha said it shows a lot of potential in terms of its value chain and ecosystem, as it goes "far beyond" the hardware itself.

"This includes the customer engagement, solutions, services and all the other aspects that are part of the entire printer lifecycle," she said.

Currently, printer hardware is sold on a three- or four-year lifecycle, although Ha said the consumables and serviceable mechanical parts can help extend the product's lifespan to ten years.

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The significance of this is no other product within the Samsung family has such a lifecycle or value chain that the company can offer services for.

"That's why we have stated internally as an intent we will make print the leading growth engine for the company," Ha said.

"It needs to be the company's spearhead leading the transformation of our business."

A different workplace

Samsung is no stranger to the printer business, having released numerous consumer and business solutions over the years.

As for why Samsung is seeing an opportunity now, printing solutions sales and marketing team senior vice-president, David Song, said the concept of working in a single location no longer holds true.

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"With the help of Cloud and mobile, the behaviour of employees in the work place is changing," he said.

"Workers are becoming more mobile, so the way they are carrying out their job is different."

In the past workers may have been limited to the technology they had access to, but Song said more solutions are available to workers today, particularly from a networking perspective.

Because of this new behaviour in the workplace, Song said there are more chances for technology to resolve employee's pain points.

While the changing face of the workplace may be seen as disruptive, Samsung sees it as an opportunity to grow its printing business.

"There is a big change in how people approach printing today," Song said.

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