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Hong Kong workers adopting mobile workstyles

o Anuradha Shukla
12.10.2012 kl 21:26 | MIS Asia

Hong Kong workers are keen on adopting mobile workstyles and offices in the city will use 18 percent more computing devices for work by 2020.


Hong Kong workers are keen on adopting mobile workstyles and offices in the city will use 18 percent more computing devices for work by 2020.

A new study by mobile and cloud technology specialist Citrix reveals that by 2020, organisations in Hong Kong will have reduced office space by over 10 percent.

Adoption of mobile workstyles in Hong Kong will enable employees to use mobile devices to work even when they are not physically present in the office.

Hong Kong workers are already connecting an average of 4.09 computing devices to their corporate network each day and there will be a marked increase in the use of mobile devices for work over the next eight years.

Hong Kong's knowledge workers are projected to be using 25 percent more devices or 6.37 devices per worker by 2020. Citrix study indicates that knowledge workers in India and Malaysia will use over nine devices each by 2020.

"Technology is not a barrier - the technology to enable the workplace of the future is already available and proven," said Victor Tsao, area vice president and general manager, Greater China, Citrix. "The key challenge is getting the people management and culture right, and the organisations that do will be the ones that benefit most from embracing mobile workstyles."

Benefits both employers and employees

Eighty-three percent of organisations all across the globe are expected to embrace mobile workstyles by mid-2014. Hong Kong workers are said to have adopted this style of work because they benefit both employers and employees.

Sixty-two percent of Hong Kong respondents find mobile workstyles to create a more flexible and agile workplace. Fifty-six percent said it lowers employee-related costs, 60 percent said it reduces real estate costs and 53 percent believe it helps attract top talent.

Of those surveyed, 51 percent said mobile workstyles increases personal productivity, 69 percent said it decreases commuting time and 53 percent said it results in better work/life balance.

Ninety-one percent of Hong Kong organisations will use bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and 85 percent will reimburse the employee in-part or fully if they choose and purchase their own computing devices.

Seventy-six percent of local businesses in Hong Kong either provide mobile workstyles to staff already, or plan to do so in the next 12 months.

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