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Mozilla announces adaptive Firefox Launcher for Android

o Jared Newman
06.02.2014 kl 17:29 | TechHive

With the upcoming Firefox Launcher for Android, Mozilla wants to move beyond the browser and onto your home screen.


With the upcoming Firefox Launcher for Android, Mozilla wants to move beyond the browser and onto your home screen.

Firefox Launcher is a replacement for your Android home screen, similar to other third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher and Go Launcher EX. But instead of just showing a static list of apps and widgets, Firefox Launcher tries to be a little smarter.

For example, Firefox Launcher will automatically create folders for certain categories such as news, games, and social. Each folder contains not just your own apps, but suggested apps and web links. The launcher also includes a row of app suggestions that change based on time of day, while a universal search bar lets you look up apps, contacts and web results simultaneously.

To create Firefox Launcher, Mozilla partnered with EverythingMe, which recently released its own Android launcher. And in fact, the two launchers are quite similar. Every feature mentioned in TechCrunch's preview of Firefox Launcher already exists in EverythingMe, and the screenshots are nearly identical. The main difference, presumably, will be the integration of Mozilla's Firefox browser for search results and Web links.

Firefox Launcher will also share EverythingMe's business model, which is based on referrals to sponsored content in search results and smart folders. For better or worse, EverythingMe's launcher is pretty clear about which content is sponsored. Firefox's variant will work the same way, with Mozilla getting a cut of the revenue, TechCrunch reports.

Mozilla hasn't given a release date for Firefox Launcher, but says it will share more updates once the company finishes development and begins beta testing. In the meantime, you can give EverythingMe a shot. It won't appeal to Android users who like to obsess over every aspect of their home screens, but it's worth trying if you'd rather leave the organizing to someone else.

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