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Dell to offer 10-inch Windows 7 tablet later this year

o James Niccolai
08.02.2011 kl 21:41 | IDG News Service\San Francisco Bureau

Dell will launch a 10-inch Windows-based tablet for business users later this year and plans to sell 10-inch Android-based tablets too, the company said Tuesday.


Due to a reporting error, Tuesday's story "Dell to offer 10-inch Windows 7 tablet later this year" included incorrect information about the tablet. It is not called the XT3: that is an update to an existing convertible tablet. The new 10-inch tablet doesn't yet have a name.

The third paragraph has been corrected on the wire to reflect this. Also, a fourth paragraph has been added about the XT3. The third and fourth paragraphs now read as follows:

Dell gave few details about the new tablet, and the product it showed here was a mock-up, non-working device. The tablet will use Intel's next Atom processor, called Oak Trail, and be aimed primarily at vertical markets including healthcare, manufacturing and finance.

Dell also announced the XT3, an update to its XT2 convertible tablet that will ship in about a month's time. It's not a true tablet like the iPad, but rather a laptop with a touch-screen that swivels around and folds over the keyboard. The new model has a larger, 13-inch screen and a newer Intel processor.

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