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Vic government invests $9.5 million in Cloud and ICT marketplace

o Brian Karlovsky
02.05.2014 kl 00:32 | ARN

The Victorian Government will invest $9.5 million to create a government Cloud and ICT marketplace.


The Victorian Government will invest $9.5 million to create a government Cloud and ICT marketplace. The investment, over four years, will change the way the government purchases and manages telecommunications and ICT services.

The new Cloud and government marketplace will replace the existing Telecommunications Purchasing and Management Strategy (TPAMS).

It is hoped the changes will provide access to new and powerful technologies, while reducing costs and increasing choice and competition

State technology minister, Gordon Rich-Phillips, said TPAMS was established ten years ago.

"Since then, the telecommunications and broader ICT industry has changed dramatically, as has the size and nature of government demand for ICT," he said.

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"These changes offer a substantial opportunity to improve how the Victorian Government purchases and manages telecommunications and other ICT services."

He said the strategic aim of the VicConnect Program was to reduce the cost of telecommunications services and allow Victorian Government departments to access new, inexpensive and powerful technologies -- including Cloud services, mobility devices, and other ICT services.

"VicConnect will create a marketplace for technology services by providing access for multiple suppliers to government ICT spending," he said.

"This will increase the choice of services available to departments, increase competition between suppliers and drive innovation and better value for money outcomes for government."

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A three stage procurement process is now underway to identify an organisation with the capacity and capability to perform the role of the VicConnect Manager.

The organisation will be responsible for designing, implementing and managing the VicConnect services and platform.

An invitation for pre-qualification for the VicConnect Manager was issued in March to create a shortlist of vendors.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) for the VicConnect Manager is expected to be issued later this year.

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