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The Week in iOS Apps: What a Crock

o Joel Mathis
19.01.2013 kl 01:24 |

What a Crock!


What a Crock!

If you are a lover of slow-cooked foods, we have the finest-ever iOS app ever created, just for you this week.

Crock-Pot Recipes

If your household is anything like mine, you'll probably agree that the $4 Crock-Pot Recipes app for iPhone and iPad--the first official Crock-Pot cooking app!--is the finest, most-anticipated offering in the App Store's history. And every month, you can make an in-app purchase of new recipe collections, meaning this is a cookbook that never goes stale.


Think of the free Digisocial as a talking Instagram. You take photos, add effects, and upload them to Facebook and Twitter--but you can add voice commentary to each of your photo uploads.

Fly Delta

Delta Airlines has brought its free Fly Delta app to the iPad. The "Glass Bottom Jet" feature lets you see photos of the area you're flying over, and you can alter travel arrangements, upgrade flights, and even download the in-flight magazine.

Inaugural 2013

The free Inaugural 2013 app for iPhone is built mainly for people who will be in Washington D.C. to attend President Obama's swearing-in ceremony on Monday--it lists a schedule of events and alerts to nearby happenings. It also includes a live feed of these events as they happen, so out-of-towners can keep up.

Merge Records

Attention hipsters: Merge Records has an iPhone app. Knock yourself out, while it's still cool.

NHL Gamecenter

The lockout is over? The lockout is over! NHL Gamecenter for iPhone and iPad lets users watch live out-of-market games, see in-game highlights, and stream live game audio. If you're a fan who doesn't have this app, you're clearly a goon.

Noble Nutlings

The free Noble Nutlings game for iPhone and iPad has a very simple task at its heart: Collect as many nuts as you can, as fast as you can. There are plenty of challenges and obstacles along the way, making this offering truly squirrely.

Temple Run 2

The free Temple Run 2 for iPhone and iPad picks up where its beloved predecessor left off--this time featuring improved graphics, more achievements, challenging obstacles, and a bigger monkey.

Other apps of note

ReaddleDocs has become Documents by Readdle ... Dolphin Browser for iPad now lets users clip items directly to Evernote ... Rolling Stone is finally available on the iPad.

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