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Best place to buy: iPod touch

o Mark Hattersley
12.02.2013 kl 18:06 | Macworld U.K.

Get a discount iPod touch with our guide to the best place to pick up a cheap iPod music player


Where to get the best iPod touch price is a question our readers often ask. This article is our guide to the best iPod touch price in the UK. We also check which iPod touch models are on sale, and the best place to buy a new iPod touch.

Getting a cheap iPod touch and saving money is important, but getting the best iPod touch deal and buying a iPod touch from a good store is also important. But the iPod touch price is more many Apple fans would like to pay, so any iPod touch savings are welcome. Our advice will help you choose which iPod touch deal to get.

What is an iPod touch

The iPod touch is Apple's flagship portable music and video player, running the same iOS operating system as Apple's more famous iPhone. The iPod touch is sometimes referred to as the iTouch by the general public, but this isn't name you'll find Apple or any stores using.

The iPod touch is a staple product in Apple's line-up, the iPod touch combines the same 4-inch Retina Display of the iPhone 5, with a WiFi connection inside a lighter case that is available in a selection of colours.

The iPod touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone part, it runs the same apps and has the same features (except for cellular data). It costs much less than the latest generation iPhone, and you don't have to have a monthly contract to run one.

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Which iPod touch to get

First of all: is the iPod touch the right music player for you? If you're undecided, or unfamiliar with Apple's range of iPods, read our iPod touch (fifth-generation) review first. You should also consider Apple's other iPod products. Like the iPod nano and iPod shuffle.

If you've decided to buy a iPod touch, the there are two principle iPod touch models to choose from. You can either buy the iPod touch (fifth-generation) in 32GB or 64GB capacities, or you can get the older iPod touch (fourth-generation) in 16GB or 32GB capacities.

The following colour options are available: black, gray, pink, yellow, blue and red.

Apple is also still selling the older iPod touch (fourth-generation). This is more akin to the iPhone 4. It has a smaller 3.5in Retina display, slightly older processor, and only comes in Black or White models. It's a cheaper option, and you can read our iPod touch (fourth-generation) review here.

iPod touch Apple Store price

Apple lists the following prices on the Apple Store.

iPod touch (fifth-generation)£249 (32GB)£329 (64GB)

iPod touch (fourth-generation)£169 (16GB)£199 (32GB)

One advantage of purchasing an iPod touch directly from the Apple store is that you can have two lines of engraved text on the reverse of the device for no extra charge. But you can typically get slightly better deals elsewhere.

iPod touch Accessories

It's well worth considering some iPod touch accessories at the same time as buying a iPod touch. As with the iPhone there are a number of cases available for the iPod touch, although fewer people seem to buy cases for iPod touch than iPhone.

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It's also worth investing in a decent set of earphones to go with your iPod touch. The amount you spend is often proportional to the quality you hear. A good pair of headphones is a must (Macworld headphone reviews) and you can also spend money on a decent speaker system to turn your iPod touch into a fully-fledged high-fi system (Macworld speaker reviews).

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Cheapest iPod touch price

The entry level price of a iPod touch (fifth-generation) from Apple is £249 but surely we can get a cheaper iPod touch than that? If you want to buy a cheap iPod touch then here are some great iPod touch deals:

The cheapest iPod touch we can find at the moment is from Amazon who is selling the iPod touch for £214.

There are also a few stores selling the iPod touch for £229. You can pick one up from John Lewis or Sainsbury's (this deal ends 13 Feb though). Finally we can also see Curry's selling the iPod touch for £239.

Buy a refurbished iPod touch from the Apple Refurb Store

Apple sells the iPod touch for less on the Apple Refurb Store. There are typically two types of product here, depending on whether it's the latest generation of iPod touch or an older-generation of iPod touch.

A previous generation iPod touch is likely to be either an ex-demonstration model, or a iPod touch used during Apple's customer training programs, or it may be old stock that Apple has unsold. Apple never sells off old products in its stores, as soon as a new model comes out the models are sent to the Refurb Store.

A current generation iPod touch is likely to be one that was sold to a customer who decided to return it, or a faulty model that has been repaired.

A refurbished iPod touch bought from the Apple Refurb Store is likely to be indistinguishable from a brand-new model (it may even be an unsold model). A reconditioned iPod touch bought from the Apple Refurb Store is in no way inferior to a iPod touch bought direct from the Apple Store. iPod touchs bought from the Apple Refurb Store will be cleaned, checked, tested and visibly indistinguishable from brand new iPod touchs.

A reconditioned iPod touch comes with the same 1 year warranty (extendable to three years with AppleCare protection.)

The only likely difference beween a reconditioned iPod touch from the Apple Refurb Store and a brand new iPod touch from the Apple Store, is that it will ship in a brown box rather than the white retal boxes that Apple sells.

The price for a reconditioned iPod touch changes frequently, so keep an eye on the Refurb Store every day for a while to get a feel for what the cheapest price for the iPod touch you want is.

If you wait a while you'll typically get a good deal on the iPod touch that you want. At the moment we can see a iPod touch (fourth-generation) 64GB going for £239.

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