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Yahoo CEO: Apple's iAds 'will fall apart'

o Nick Spence
16.09.2010 kl 16:08 | Macworld U.K.

Yahoo's CEO expects Apple's mobile advertising platform iAds to fail over Apple's insistence on creative control.


Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz has told Reuters she expects Apple's mobile advertising platform iAds to fail.

"That's going to fall apart for them," Bartz told Reuters. "Advertisers are not going to have that type of control over them. Apple wants total control over those ads."

Apple has been criticised for keeping a tight control on the creative aspects of the platform, something advertisers aren't used to.

Apple introduced the iAd mobile advertising network on 1 July, claiming AT&T, Best Buy, Campbell Soup Company, Chanel, Citi, DirecTV, GE, JCPenney, Nissan, Sears, Target, Turner Broadcasting System, Unilever and The Walt Disney Studios amongst those who had signed up for the scheme.

According to Apple, the iAd network reaches millions of iPhone and iPod touch users around the world, and is a highly desirable audience for advertisers.

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