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Resume Makeover: How to Highlight Your Personal Brand

o Sharon Florentine
31.03.2014 kl 22:07 | CIO (US)

Career consultant Donald Burns takes an IT auditor's resume from bland to brand in this month's IT resume makeover.


Florence Auala's resume was suffering from a common malady -- a malady so common, in fact, that career expert, personal branding consultant and resume writer Donald Burns of Executive Promotions, LLC coined a term for it.

"At first glance, I had no idea what she was looking for or what she's really good at. I see this type of resume so often that I had to invent a shorthand description for it: 'All bland and no brand,'" Burns says.

"I hate to say it, but her subject matter -- IT auditing -- is not the most exciting topic for a resume," Burns says.

Burns' first challenge was to dig deeper and try to find a story within Auala's work history and experience to make her career narrative more interesting and engaging for potential employers. Fortunately, Burns says, during the course of interviews with Auala, he discovered that she does indeed have a compelling story.

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"She does have a great career story," Burns says. "But it was locked up inside her head and appeared nowhere on the resume. It's a very common problem with resumes," Burns says.

From Average to Awesome

When fresh eyes first peruse a resume, they usually give it only about six to 10 seconds attention before deciding whether to consider the candidate's application or trash it, Burns says. That means first impressions are absolutely crucial, and Auala's resume wasn't passing the test, he says.

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